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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২২nd নভেম্বর ২০২৩

এনএসডিআই ডেভেলপমেন্ট রোডম্যাপ ও ল্যাব প্রিপারেশন প্ল্যান




NSDI Development Roadmap for the Survey of Bangladesh:


The survey of Bangladesh, in response to the NSDI Policy to be entering into force, envisions the active use of spatial data for various planning purposes. With the view to support the use of spatial data, the Survey of Bangladesh has proposed a roadmap to further enhance its capacity to make the NSDI available for users.



The proposed roadmap encompasses the upcoming 10 years’ expected achievements in three stages 


Stage 0 (current status)  

  • NSDI Policy is soon to be introduced.  
  • SOB base maps are partially shared on NSDI.  
  • NSDI Platform is ready.  
  • WG is vibrant with more than 40 participating organizations. 


Stage 1 (by 2025)  

  • CORS operation started.  
  • NSDI Lab is established.  
  • Essential spatial datasets are made available on NSDI. 


Stage 2 (by 2029) 

  • NSDI-Lab becomes an executing agency (institute).  
  • Base maps are shared on NSDI as the pivotal reference.  


Stage 3 (by 2033)  


  • Updated and accurate base maps are constantly made available on NSDI.  
  • NSDI eliminates redundancy in data collection and usages. 


The following figure illustrates the simplified three stage achievements which are identified in the drafted roadmap. By the final stage, updated and accurate base maps are constantly made available on NSDI, eliminating unnecessary duplication and redundancy in data collection.  


Figure: NSDI Development Roadmap for SOB - The Stages 



Bangladesh NSDI Framework 


Survey of Bangladesh will pursue the activities by following the proposed NSDI Development Roadmap. In doing so, there will be a need for collaborative governance under the NSDI Committee set by the NSDI Policy, and the administration by the NSDI-Lab, which needs to be established as the regulatory and technical body. The NSDI-Lab will be the institution to administer the NSDI Platform, enabling the provision of data and services to all users. This comprehensive framework of Bangladesh’s NSDI is illustrated in the following figure. It shows that the NSDI-Lab will be the main institution to pursue the activities towards the goal of the NSDI Development Roadmap.