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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ১৮ নভেম্বর ২০২১

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)



Establishment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for Bangladesh


Objective of NSDI project:


(i) Overall: Major government agencies which deals with geospatial information manage and utilize them appropriately and efficiently in Bangladesh.


(ii) Specific: To develop National Spatial Data infrastructure of Bangladesh for collection, preservation and exchange of spatial data.





a)  Concept and merit of NSDI are understood by related organizations.

b) Institutional Framework for the NSDI development and utilization is strengthened.

c)  NSDI common rules are established based on Geographic Information Standards.

d)  NSDI platform is formulated and utilized.



Expected Outcome after Completion of the Project


a. The basic infrastructure for National Spatial Data will be developed.

b. Integration of geodetic datum and standard of geospatial data into international standards

c. Reduction of duplication

d. Fundamental geo-spatial platform

e. Development of geo-spatial database in BCC server


A core database and web-based map sharing service will be constructed as the NSDI platform. Using this platform all member organizations can provide the valuable geo-spatial information and map data easily and safely. without a fear of violating privacy issues and ownership policies